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More than a chilli pepper.

At Piment La Volonté du D., mutual aid and support are important values. This is why part of the profits from the sale of your favourite chilli products is donated to associations. 

For a period of 3 months we put forward a structure in order to present its goal and its universe. At the end of this quarter, we donate the profits from the sale of our products. 

We have already supported Swiss organisations such as Kasnoma, a medical dispensary working in the Democratic Republic of Congo to combat child malnutrition, and Basta Beirut, which supported Lebanese families following the disaster that hit Beirut in August 2020, to name but a few. 

We are aware of how lucky we are to be evolving in Switzerland under the conditions we have. Therefore, if we can help our fellow man, we do so with great pleasure. 

Piment La Volonté du D.  #MoreThanChilli

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